How to permanently set speed limits in ruTorrent

when I first started my toy linuxserver/rutorrent container, I noticed that ruTorrent was communicating to rtorrent a made up yet very high limit on both download and upload, while at the same time showing me that the limit was off.

limits I see from rtorrent: 327625/327625
limits I see from the rutorrent status bar: no / no
limits I see from the rutorrent settings window: 327625/327625

(my rtorrent.rc file does not implement any bandwith limit.)
if I manually set 0/0 in the rutorrent settings window, I can see limits as off/off in rtorrent, as expected.

if I restart rtorrent/rutorrent, though, I’m back at the start, seeing 327625/327625.
is this supposed to happen?
shouldn’t ruTorrent remember my settings?

No, rutorrent doesn’t save settings, it only does the adjustments for that session (or until you restart the container.)

It is explained on the ruTorrent project’s github:

rtorrent Settings, changed by the user through the “Settings” panel in ruTorrent, are valid until rtorrent restart. After which all settings will be set according to the rtorrent config file (.rtorrent.rc).

I see that now, thanks for the link.
but why doesn’t rutorrent just read the fact that my rtorrent has 0/0 limits? why make up a number?

I guess ask the rutorrent dev

I now see that the number they make up is the maximum number for speed:

/var/www/ruTorrent/plugins/scheduler/conf.php:	@define('SCH_DEF_UL', 327625);	// default UL (KB/s). 
/var/www/ruTorrent/plugins/scheduler/conf.php:	@define('SCH_DEF_DL', 327625);	// default DL (KB/s)
/var/www/ruTorrent/plugins/scheduler/conf.php:	// Can't be greater then 327625 due to limitation in libtorrent ResourceManager::set_max_upload_unchoked function.

this max number will overwrite rtorrent’s off limit at start, but won’t overwrite any other non-zero limit.

sorry, I thought it was a weird Docker issue, like insufficient permissions on the /var/www folder or stuff like that.

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