How to reverse-proxy non-containerized services?


First of all, thanks for your hard work. I’ll recently got SWAG up and running with Heimdall as the base domain and with Authelia TOPT authentication. This is a huge milestone for me which would not have been possible without your work.

Now to the topic; I have been read all the SWAG documentation on your website and on github and searched far and wide for some guidance on how to reverse-proxy non-containerized services on my network. E.g. the OMV web-interface on the host that serves my containers and pi-hole on a RPi on my home network.

I haven’t fount anything and thus I hope you can help me.

There isn’t much difference between containerized vs bare metal when it comes to reverse proxying. For bare metal, in the proxy config, you’ll set the upstream_app variable to the IP address instead of the container name, that’s all.

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Great. Thanks a lot.

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