How to run Multiple sites piwigo

Has anyone successfully tried to run Multiple Sites Piwigo as described here?

just run two piwigo containers… ?

Not very productive running multiple Piwigo containers. If I would do this for all five people/users it sure would clutter up my nas.:thinking:

Still nobody who also need this or using Multi Sites?
How do you guys run piwigo for e.g. families?

It sounds like you’re asking an application question. We support the container, not the app. I would suggest asking the piwigo team about their multiple site features.

In the link I provided above it is described how to setup multiple sites for piwigo but I don’t know how to implement this in the docker container. That’s why I asked the question here, because of the support on containers.

Looking at that documentation, if you want to run the multi site part of piwigo, you’d need to edit the included nginx config to activate it but in all honesty I would just run a container per gallery considering what you have to customise.

Thanks for your answer. But what about the resources, if I run multiple containers of piwigo will it not use high cpu and ram resources? Because I have setup a second piwigo container to test how that works but my RAM is around 500MB of use.

I would say 500MB is pretty abnormal.

fbec870407e6 piwigo 0.00% 20.59MiB

mine with a little over 15000 pictures is using 20.59MB

Piwigo also uses two mechanisms to restrict access to folders and photos:

User for photos
Privacy level for albums

You can mix them. For instance, everyone can access to the album, but just a few of them can view a particular photo inside the album. I believe this setup is good enough for a family.

The multi-site are the ability to have several galleries, and therefore a specific database for each gallery.