How to set Plex server in LibreELEC?

How to set Plex server in LibreELEC?
Please help.

Install the addon and then open the addon settings

Thank you so much.
I already addon plex server.
I cannot connect plex server in Brower.

do you have more info? how are you trying to connect? what error do you get?

I setup Plex server in LibreELEC (Android BOX) refer as below;

  1. Add ons => docker
  2. Add ons =>’s Docker Add-ons
  3. Add ons => Docker Image Update (
  4. Add ons => Plex server.
    Setup method is correct or not?

How to connect Plex server in PC for add movie.? (Same network location)
How to connect Plex server in Plex app at other android box? (Same network location)

If you’re connecting from the same network subnet, just go to http://libreelecIP:32400/web and go through the wizard.

If the wizard is not accessible, and no webpage is displayed, check the systemd status via systemctl status docker.linuxserver.plex and logs via journalctl -u docker.linuxserver.plex

Okay, thank you.
I will try.