How to set umask: UMASK vs UMASK_SET

I’m a bit confused by the fact that, apparently, there are two ways to set umask:

  • UMASK_SET, as explained in the environment variables,
  • UMASK, as explained in the paragraph “Umask for running applications”.

taking as an example qbittorrent:

what’s the proper way for qbittorrent?
what’s the proper way for the LSIO standardized way of doing things?

I think UMASK_SET has been in the container from the start then we added UMASK to our base images after the fact so either way should be good for this container.

which of the two flags is the general one? maybe UMASK?

what I mean is – can I happily assume that all LSIO images will honor UMASK, even though sometimes the docker-compose template mentions UMASK_SET, instead?

You should be fine to assume that. The reason it’s there is for the applications that don’t support this natively.

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