How To .... with the Calibre container (not Calibre-web)

Situation: Already running Guacamole and Guacd (needed for Guacamole.)

I’d like to have the Calibre container leverage the existing Guacd. Otherwise I need to run the Calibre container on another Docker Network, and that breaks the connectivity for Marvin (not sure why all the appropriate ports are exposed)…

I’ll continue to look into other options as well

Why? It should be sandboxed and you can map whatever port you like for the 2 ports it accepts. Sandboxing is the point of containers

I’m running on host, and unless it was changed recently, -ports are ignored when --network=host, and the logs for Calibre fill up with “GAUCD can’t bind” errors.

I suspect this is because of the other GUACD container already being bound…

There is absolutely no reason you should be running this container with host networking