Howto Upgrade Unifi Controller

While not new to docker, I am a bit green to working with Unifi outside of their hardware. (read, cloud key…)

I have the linux| unifi controller running on my docker server and it’s on version 5.6.40. I’d like to upgrade to the current stable 5.9.29 but I’m not sure how to do this. When I go to the Maintenance tab on the controller there doesn’t appear to be any method to update the controller. Running the “Check firmware update” only pops up a message after a moment saying “Checking for devices firmware update.” and nothing else seems to happen.

Am I missing something or do I need to update the controller from the container CLI instead?

I did a search and didn’t see any other posts asking this. Sorry if I just over looked a previous post.

You would need to re-create the container with our unstable tag which is currently at 5.9.

Ah! I guess I didn’t see that tag. Thanks!

When will the 5.10 image be built?

When it has bedded in and is available through UniFi’s download page.

It is already on the download page:

Looks like they changed their url. ubnt now redirects to ui

The container will be updated once we have worked it into our new pipeline system. Currently no ETA.

Is there anyway to update manually

This is our new Unifi Controller.

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