HTPC build - help with docker

Hi everyone!

I’m fairly competent with linux but a total noob to docker. I run slackware 14.2 and have installed docker from slackbuilds compiling from source. I’m trying to build a container that runs jackett, transmission, sonarr, radarr and plex having all the information stored in an lvm lv called “Shared” which is mounted on the host under /mnt/Shared, I’m using the docker-compose recommended method and trying to be able to use hardlinks. I’m trying to post my docker-compose.yml file but this is telling me that I can’t post more than two links.

So far I have been able to download the magnet files from jacket into the /downloads folder in the jackett container but those files don’t show up in the host under /mnt/Shared/watch as I expected. When I connect to the jackett container with the following command “sudo /usr/bin/docker exec -ti jackett /bin/bash” I can see that the mountpoint of /downloads is not what I expected

root@88ac1f829fd8:/# mount | grep downloads
/dev/mapper/Volume-root on /downloads type ext4 (rw,relatime,data=ordered)

In this folder I can see the magnet files I downloaded while testing and can see these files in the transmission container too. However I can’t find these files in the hosts filesystem and even after I prune everything on docker, even the images, when I start the container again these files are still there so I have to questions that I haven’t been able to solve by myself

  1. Why aren’t these files in the /mnt/Shared mountpoint in the hosts filesystem?
  2. Where are these files being stored so I can manage them from outside the container?

Thanks in advance!
Best regards!

Here is the docker-compose.yml file I’m using docker-compose.yml -

Something I have just noticed that I think is even weirder is that in my docker-compose.yml file I have two volumes defined in, for example, the jackett service as follows

    - /opt/torrent/jackett:/config
    - /mnt/Shared/watch:/downloads

and the first path (/opt/torrent/jackett) does contain the contents of the guests /config directory, however the second one (/mnt/Shared/watch) does not contain the content of /downloads

I rebooted the host and now the bind mounts are working as expected.