I want to know if there is a linuxserver rdesktop-web image based on alpine image

Hi beautiful folks,
I am new to the Linux server discord community. Lately, I have been working on docker images and came across linuxserver webtop. I am actually trying to built an image with alpine as a base image and I have installed sway window manager on it. To give a vnc access I have used wayvnc which is compatible with wayland display and I am able to open my sway desktop via a vnc viewer on the specified port. But, I want to give HTTP access to that image so it can be seen in the browser but I am unable to do so maybe because i am missing on something. I know I can install sway on a rdesktop-web image provided by linux server but all those images are ubuntu based. The base image used in linux server webtops is an ubuntu image. Is there any rdesktop web image with alpine as a base? If there is can I have a link to that github/gitlab directory so i can look into the docker file.
I have seen in docker files for webtop that have guacamole installed on it. Is guacamole used for HTTP access ?
Any help would be appreciated.

Our Rdesktop image has a lot of flavors of DE on alpine

yeah I did went through all of that but all these image use base image ubuntu. and on top of that you have installed different flavours. I want the base image as alpine with no xfce etc installed. So that I can install sway instead of xfce etc.

here you see ubuntu at top

Branches. Branches · linuxserver/docker-rdesktop · GitHub

I actually want the rdestop-web image as alpine and if I could find the docker file for it too that would be great so I can customise it

They all have some sort of window manager installed on it. like kde, i-3. I only want the base image without kde or i3 if you get my point

Its all there. Remember branches. GitHub - linuxserver/docker-baseimage-rdesktop-web at 3.16

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Let me check. But can you please verify that the above image will have no window managers installed on it like kde, i3 or xfce4 ?

If you read through the dockerfile in that repo, you’ll see there is no window manager installed.

Perfect so that means I can install my own window manager and run it in a browser right?

You will need to use it as a base image or fork it then yes you can install whatever you like.

Please a last thing can you share me the link of docker hub where I could find this same image instead of building it from scratch on my local PC.

Link to the image on github: Package baseimage-rdesktop-web · GitHub

Perfect . Thank you so much you guys rock. :star_struck:

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