Image pull downloads many unnecessary tags

When pulling a specific image via portainer, many unnecessary images are downloaded. My system is amd64, and the image was originally added via portiner (~version 2.0) with no issues. Now I’m on portainer version 2.1.1. I am not sure if this relates to portainer, docker, or the github repository exactly. I am new to docker and portainer. Any insights or troubleshooting recommendations would be very appreciated.

That’s a portainer issue and unrelated to our images.

We don’t really recommend portainer for anything other than monitoring

Thank you for the quick reply. Understood, about utilizing portianer. I am definitely using it as a crutch while I learn docker. I did post this in the portainer forum as well, and I will follow up with a bug report with them after more testing.

During the course of trouble shooting I noticed LSIO has mixed documentation of utilizing the github repository and the docker hub. Are there no differences with using either?

Images are the same (we push to docker hub, ghcr and gitlab). We switched to using ghcr in our readmes when docker hub implemented pull limits

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