Increase upload limit in swag container php config


I am using the swag container and I would like to know the best way to increase the upload file size limit. (current limit is 2MB). This will only be a temporary change, so I can import a 6MB sql file using phpMyAdmin.

I tried making a change in /var/lib/docker/volumes/swag/_data/php/php-local.ini (which says “Edit this file to override php.ini directives and restart the container”) but phpMyAdmin still sees a limit of 2MB.


There are other limits than filesize

What can I do to increase the limit?

we don’t support phpmyadmin here, that 2MB is a file size limit in phpmyadmin…
how do i know? i googled.

I never asked for phpMyAdmin support. I mentioned phpMyAdmin to provide context on what I’m trying to do. Thanks for mentioning it, but there’s no need to get offensive.

I would assume you’d encourage less experienced people to use these forums for learning through questions. Not discourage them.

Thanks anyway.

You have a 2MB limit, coming from phpmyadmin, you are asking us who do not support, maintain, or operate phpmyadmin how to fix the 2MB limit phpmyadmin is enforcing… I’m not sure what you’re looking for here. I would discourage asking in the wrong place and encourage asking in the right place. If you took offense from my amazing google capabilities that I used to determine your actual problem and thus where you should seek help, I’m sorry. :slight_smile:

I specifically mentioned the full path to php-local.ini for the swag container, and that I tried fixing the issue by making a change in that specific file. I even posted a screenshot to that configuration file, with a big green arrow.

From that, you understood that I was asking support with phpmyadmin?

Like I said, you were right, it was a phpmyadmin issue, but I really though it was a container configuration.

There was no need for “oh, look at me, I can google stuff”. A simple advise to check the phpmyadmin php.ini file configuration would have been enough.

Stop driving people away from technology. Doctors have God syndrome, not IT guys.

Your screenshot of the issue was phpmyadmin, guy…

please whine elsewhere.

Let it go mate. I asked a question, and you were being a smartass. Simple as. Grow up.