Infer from query


On docker-wireguard, it mentions in the

To display the QR codes of active peers again, you can use the following command and list the peer numbers as arguments: docker exec -it wireguard /app/show-peer 1 4 5 or docker exec -it wireguard /app/show-peer myPC myPhone myTablet (Keep in mind that the QR codes are also stored as PNGs in the config folder).

You can infer from that that you can call the peer configs certain names. Is this done via just renaming the folder/config file or can you actually setup names in the docker-compose file so that it auto generates the files/folders with the names (myPC, myPhone, myTablet, etc)?


They’re set in the PEERS var

I know, you can set a number, but can you specify names instead, or do you need to manually rename the directory/files?

yes, you can: GitHub - linuxserver/docker-wireguard

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