Intel ARC GPU with LinuxServer Jellyfin Container?

I’m trying to use my Intel ARC GPU for hardware transcoding in Jellyfin.

I launch a docker-compose file…

I think one solution may be to add some additional software to the Jellyfin container as discussed in this post…

But no idea how to do that inside a Docker-Compose file… I guess it means that I have to build my own version of the LinuxServer Jellyfin container, and then reference my version in the Docker-Compose?

Is there some way to pull in an additional shell script to execute when the docker image is refreshed?

Or is there a way better way to get the ARC GPU support working inside this container?

I suspect you need to follow Intel GPU | Jellyfin though you did not mention which arc cpu you’re on so I could be wrong. We have had users run through these steps and get arc transcoding working on jellyfin. It is not something we will bake in to the container as it only benefits a very limited subset of users.

You can always check out Customizing our Containers | if you need to persistently modify our containers.