IPv6 support for the Quassel Core and Quassel Web images?

I have been testing out the image for Quassel Core and Quassel Web but it seems the core cannot connect to IPv6 addresses. DNS resolution seems to fail or so.

Will support be added, everything else in my stack is v6-only and I only get v6 from my ISP.

It would be great to see it added so I can configure stuff between containers solely with v6 addresses but also such that they can outbound to v6 services which, without this, I cannot go online as IPv6 is all I get from my ISP.

as noted in the other thread, you need to configure ipv6 in docker for a docker container to use it. create an ipv6 enabled custom bridge and it will work. You will probably need to setup some routing in your network since you’ll likely split out a /112 or something from your block.

tl;dr ipv6 works fine in our containers, there is nothing for us to fix/change/add.

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I have done so, I realised I had a misconfiguration upstream. Thanks!

If I have any problems in the future I shall let you know.

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