Is it possible to run Hyprland with webtop?

Hello guys, I’m new here. I wonder if it is possible to run the Hyprland desktop environment via webtop. Is there any documents or tutorials for implementing this?

KasmVNC uses X11, if the packages that hyprland uses could run on X it is possible, but Wayland is a whole different thing, it does not do what X does, it expects the DE to handle everything basically and it is why it is tightly integrated with specific DEs like KDE/GNOME and this.
As an example the ability to take a dump of the screen contents (something mission critical for VNC and optimally needs to be done 60 times a second) is a direct X call in X and is actually copied in shm memory to be more efficient. In Wayland you gotta pipe through xdg-desktop-portal and pipewire apis just to nab the screen contents.

The short answer is no it will likely never be supported, and under Wayland the developers of Hyprland would need to write the code to be able to send their pixels to a web browser, there would not be a compatibility layer there. These kinds of things are why the Linux community is fractured on Wayland, it is not an actual replacement for X, it is it’s own thing with it’s own set of rules.