Issue with the last Update of Jellyfin


I have some issues since last uptade to connect thru Android App.
Just to be sure where is the issue, can you help me to pull the previous image?
The actual image that I have is from 2020-10-05, and I need the previous one.


assuming you’re on ls78 you can just use the tag 10.6.4-1-ls77 for the previous.
ie: docker pull linuxserver/jellyfin:10.6.4-1-ls77

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Thanks for your fast response.
I went until revision 71, and the issue is there.
I opened also an issue in the Jellyfin forum, about what is happening:


After update Jellyfin Server (running under portainer) and also updated the Android clients.
Some android clients are not able to connect to the server.

Well, seems that it is able to connect, because the client asks the login credentials (not in one case), but, when I put the correct credentials, the android client tells: Connection error: We can’t connect to the selecter server right now. Please, be sure that the server is running and try again.

The client version in all clients is 2.0.1, but the ghost is more interesting… when try to connect thru different devices:

Tablet Samsung S6 Lite (Android 10): When I run the app, the screen keeps in black. Nothing is able to do or configure.

Smartphone Samsung S7 (android 9): After configure the Host and Add log in credentials, appears the message: We can’t connect to the selecter server right now. Please, be sure that the server is running and try again.

Smartphone Samsung A6 (Android 10): Works Fine

Tablet Xiaomi MiPad 4 (Android 8, MIUI 10.3.2): Works Fine.

Can I find old versions of the android Client and check if it returns to the normality? I don’t know if the issue is in the client or in the server… nothing is logical…

If i try to connect thru web browser in the devices that the APK doesn’t work, then it works…


But no answer from their side at the moment.

I don’t know where the issue is coming from.
My last try is to reinstall all server again (under OpenMediaVault 5 + Portainer).

Thanks again!

Hi again, after some test, I found the issue is related with the Android Client.

Release 2.0.1 doesn’t works in Samsung galaxy S7 and SAmsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, but release 2.0.0 does.

can anyone check something to solve this? or Can I give more information from my devices to help?


V2.0.1 works fine here for me with android 10. I would report this to jellyfin as I suspect it’s not a container issue.

From my side, I can confirm that is not a portainer issue, it is something related with the Android Client.
I will update again my Portainer image, and re-confirm in 10 minutes.

If it’s an issue with the android client, you need to report it to jellyfin, not us.

I reported in both forums, because I didn’t know what was the reason of this fault.
Now, after some test, I can confirm that the issue “should” be located in the Android Client.
But, as I can’t check/debug nothing, may be the issue is in both, who knows.

I only comment also here as information for the other users.