Issues getting started with Deluge

I am using Centos 7.6 as the host.

My docker create command is as follows:

docker create
–name deluge
-e PUID=998
-e PGID=1000
-v /home/deluge/downloads/:/downloads
-v /home/deluge/config/:/config
–restart unless-stopped


I can’t access the deluge GUI, but when I follow the logs I see a log of errorno13 permission denied errors: PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/config/deluged.log’

The ABC user inside of the docker container is set to the uid/gid of a user I am using on the host system that owns the /home/deluge/ directory and all subdirectories. The directories are running 755 perms.

What am I missing?

EDIT: Adding my docker version (installed via yum)
]# docker -v
Docker version 1.13.1, build b2f74b2/1.13.1

Is that location on a mounted drive or a network share?

All storage on the host is local disks. The location used in the mounts are on an SSD.

Just realized it’s centos. Did you install docker from the centos repo? If so, uninstall that and install docker from either the official docker repos or use the script

Repo versions of docker cause a lot of issues.

Also your docker version is super old

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Using the get docker script did the trick. I should’ve known better than to use something like this from the core repos.

Thank you for your guidance.

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