Issues with Docker Containers on

Dear Community Members,

I’ve been using Docker containers from for a while now, and while they generally work great, I’ve encountered a few common issues that I thought might be worth discussing here. I’m hoping others can share their experiences and solutions as well.

Sometimes, after updating or rebooting the host system, Docker containers fail to start.

I checked Docker Logs.

docker logs <container_name>

I am using host system that has enough resources (CPU, RAM, disk space) for the containers to run. As per this blog- AWS certified sysops administrator, I must configure Docker volumes correctly in my docker-compose.yml or Docker run command. But I have no idea how can I do that.

How to solve this?


How do you start the containers? What’s in the docker logs you checked? What’s in system journal?

Do only some of them fail to start while the rest start ok?