Issues with rutorrent docker container on QNAP

Hi everyone,

New user and relative Linux noob. I have been running the rutorrent docker container on my QNAP NAS for about a year now, and the last two container updates have broken something. My port configuration is no longer being honoured (the container is booting with 6890 instead of my custom port, despite being in the files), and I am seeing user warnings as well.

I also can’t access the settings in the GUI either, below appears on the webpage:

[27.02.2020 07:09:37] ruTorrent cannot determine the UID of rTorrent user. Some functionality will be unavailable.

[27.02.2020 07:09:37] rutracker_check: Plugin will not work. Webserver user must have execute access to the rtorrent session directory ().

[27.02.2020 07:09:44] Bad response from server: (500 [error,getsettings]) Warning: XMLRPC call is failed.

Nothing on the NAS itself has changed, this behaviour began on Monday/Tuesday when I updated. Can anyone help me shed some light on this?

You’ll need to rollback your update for now, we are looking into the issue.

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Thank you @driz, rollback worked (reverted to 3.9-ls72).

Very much appreciated!

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