Jackett and reverse proxy on Synology

Hi everyone,

I’m using Jackett through docker on a synology server.
I access it internally through and externally through https://jackett.mydomain.com. There are no issues when I’m trying to access the web interface, but when I’m trying to perform a manual search it only works with and not with the reverse proxy where i’m getting “Request to Jackett server failed”…

I know that I have to set some headers in nginx to make this work but even with those this doesn’t work. There are plenty topics on the internet talking about this issue but not one of them is working in my case.

Does someone having the same configuration and made this work?


are you using our jackett template? I am using it and do not have this issue. You’ll need to provide more info

Hi driz,

Thanks for your answer, but where do I find the jackett template?
About the more info that I need to provide I don’t know what I should provide because in the logs there isn’t any error to see or at least not linked to the manually search.


our letsencrypt container has many samples, including one for jackett. it’s called jackett.subdomain.conf.sample

please share what you’re using

I didn’t used the letsencrypt container because Synology proposes to create letsencrypt certificates through its own OS.
For the information these are the headers that I used for the reverse proxy:

Ah, that’s unfortunate for you.

that said your host ip should be and you have