Kbin and Lemmy, fediverse reddit alternatives

Both of these projects would be great to have prebuilt containers for

The devs of both are also the admins of their respective flagship instances. They are currently getting slammed from all directions.


I don’t understand what is the point of the fediverse.

If there was some political movement that was being suppressed on mainstream social networks (like anyone even slightly to the right of Karl Marx) then I see why they would want an alternative.

But the mastodon / fediverse developers have all of the exact same opinions as mainstream social networks on every single issue and would never say anything that wouldn’t be allowed on mainstream social networks and they’ve made clear that the fediverse platform is only for people who agree with them.

Left wingers don’t need it and right wingers can’t use it. So there’s just absolutely no point to their work for anyone, ever, at all.