Latest sonarr image support on Synology dsm 6.3

Would anyone know if the latest sonarr 4.x image released in the last 24 hours would support the is with Synology dsm 6.3. I ask because I know the radarr image is based on a newer image and does not support dsm 6.3.


Likely not if you have issues with the radarr image.

That’s my thought to. I attempted a blank deployment over an upgrade and saw the same result, but I would like to confirm as well. The container deploys and the app starts but not acting as expected.

considering DSM 7.2 is on kernel 4.4 which went end of life in february of 2022 (nearly 2 years ago) i find it VERY unlikely DSM 6.3 has any sort of up to date kernel which means most things are not going to properly work on the unit. My suggestion would be use the syno as an iSCSI storage and buy a rapsi for your containers.