Latest Transmission release breaks remote authentication


since the latest commit on Transmission, i cannot access my Transmission instance remotely, either via the web interface, or via RPC.

I get the following error:
421: Misdirected RequestTransmission received your request, but the hostname was unrecognized.To fix this, choose one of the following options:Enable password authentication, then any hostname is allowed.Add the hostname you want to use to the whitelist in settings.If you're editing settings.json, see the 'rpc-host-whitelist' and 'rpc-host-whitelist-enabled' entries.This requirement has been added to help prevent DNS Rebinding attacks.

My Transmission configuration already had a password set.

I think the problem is here:

Set the user/pass in the newly added environment variables.

That commit is a bug fix to make sure transmission stops gracefully when there are active torrents.

Indeed looking at the shutdown i get it now, and that explains issues i had on some trackers where ghost connections would appear. Will migrate to the new USER and PASS variables and see if that solves that problem :slight_smile: