Letsencrypt and using certs in other containers doubts

Hi there,

I am playing around with letsencrypt container and I was success installing it with the duckdns method.
Now I’d like to use it in other containers, let’s say emby. So I am trying to follow the “more secure” instruction:

1 Mount the letsencrypt folder etc/letsencrypt that resides under /config in the emby container (-v /path-to-le-config/etc/letsencrypt:/le-ssl)
DONE, but my doubt here is, is this setup only work with linuxserver.io containers right?
If I am using the emby server from emby team, does this instruction work with this container?

2 In the emby container use the cert location /le-ssl/live/<your.domain.url>/
What does “use the cert location” mean?

thanks in advance!

If that is not clear to you, then you should reverse proxy it instead. Sharing certs is really only for advanced users who know what they’re doing.

Follow the reverse proxy steps in the readme and we have a preset proxy conf for emby as well