Letsencrypt container - reverse proxy nginx for mail?

Hi, thanks very much for all the amazing work that has gone into your docker images.

I’m currently running your letsencrypt container as a reverse proxy for several different services and it’s working amazingly well.

I’m thinking about installing and playing around with self hosted email. Just wondering if the nginx setup needs to be changed at all to proxy for mail?

Try enabling this part in your nginx.conf: https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-letsencrypt/blob/master/root/defaults/nginx.conf#L84-L103

Full disclosure, I never tried it myself.

I hosted my company’s email server for a couple of years (a few years back) and it was such a pain to admin. Imho hosting a production email server is best left to pros who have direct lines to big email providers. It’s a huge pain to try and get those providers to whitelist accounts and domains.