Letsencrypt etc. update procedure for config files

Hi there, I see, that there are actually updates on config files for example for the letsencrypt container (ssl konfig nginx …). For now I have letsencrypt running with deploy config from the container several weeks ago.

Is there an update procedure to get the actual config files after deployment of the container on day X. The container update itself is no problem but if I do nothing I miss the updates on config files because they already exists in the config directory.

As I understand the config files are only deployed on first container start and then not touched again during container updates? Correct?

You will have to delete the files and then restart the container to get the updated ones.
We don’t automatically do this as we don’t know if users have modified the files.

Important config files (in nginx) that don’t get auto updated have version dates and links to see changes

For others (like nextcloud) we announce changes in the changelog in the readme: https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-nextcloud/blob/master/README.md#versions