Letsencrypt - how to install nginx-extras?


I want to install nginx-extras package in the letsencrypt docker container. But for that I would need to run apt-get install nginx-extras.
The thing is that apt-get command is not recognized when I ssh into the docker container.

Any help would be appreciated.

It’s alpine based so you’d need to use apk, not apt-get

Thank you for the explanation.
Sorry I’m a bit of a newb. Maybe this next question I have is out of scope of linuxserver but here goes:
I’m running the letsencrypt on Rpi and when I do the following command:
apk add nginx-extras
I get the following:

  nginx-extras (missing):
    required by: world[nginx-extras]

Am I missing something here?

If you’re following some online guide you found about setting up nginx, don’t.

This is most likely an xy problem

Many nginx modules are already present in the letsencrypt image