Letsencrypt - nextcloud - local DNS entry


I have running the linuxserver-io letsencrypt image, the linuxserver-io nextcloud and many other conatiners in my docker. And in general, those are all working fine, thank you :slight_smile:

Coming to my problem.

My nextcloud is accessable from outside world via https and my domain cloud.domain.com
Certificates issued and working.
When I upload something to my nextcloud within my network at home (where nextcloud and docker an so on is physically located), it is incredibly slow. I think this is directly linked to slow upload speed of my internet. 10MBit upload speed. So I have the same upload speed when I am uploading from the internet or while I am at home.

So I added the cloud.domain.com to my FritzBox as DNS rebind, but there was no improvement. Still the same slow uplaod speed ~1.2MB/sec.

In my network I have a Pihole running. There I added as “local DNS entry” my domain linked to local IP.
After that, I can’t access my nextcloud anymore from local network. Neither via cloud domain com nor via IP directly.


How could this be solved?

Thank you

is your letsencrypt container running on port 80/443 or did you remap it?
when you nslookup cloud.domain.com from an internal machine, do you see the internal ip or the external ip?