Letsencrypt Proxy for server root location

I have several containers set up with the Letsencrypt proxy, all working fine. But now I’m wanting one of the containers to be the root of the domain. For example, if I were using Tautulli, right now it is proxied to tautulli.mydomain.com but I would like it to be just mydomain.com. How can I edit the /nginx/site-confs/default file to achieve this? I’ve tried using proxy_pass as in the proxy config file, but going to mydomain.com just forwards to (as an example) https://tautulli:8181

Solved it myself. I just had to copy these 4 lines to / location (example for Tautulli):

include /config/nginx/proxy.conf;
resolver valid=30s;
set $upstream_tautulli tautulli;
proxy_pass http://$upstream_tautulli:8181;

I had tried this, but I didn’t take into account cached DNS on the client, so I made several bad changes before coming back to this.