Letsencrypt + QNAP + Pi-Hole


is anybody here using Pi-Hole behind the Letsencrypt reverse proxy? I think I completely misunderstand something here. When its set behind the proxy the ip adress is (of course) different from my network. And the whole thing is reachable over the internet what I do not want. But it have to be behind the proxy because both need port 80. Or should I just set it up with -net-host?
Please help me to understand it :slight_smile:

Do you just want the web interface to be available through reverse proxy? Then just set the proxy_pass directive in nginx to point to the local IP and port of your pihole. Then you can reach its webpage and admin interface via your domain, over the internet.

On your lan, when you set up your devices to use pihole for dns, use its local ip.

Pihole and letsencrypt both running on port 80 is insignificant since pihole’s port 80 access does not need to be over the internet, but just locally

I just want to have it in my LAN, not Internet.
Do I have to set some specific network configurations? You say, “use its local ip” but since its behind the proxy, the ip is completely different 172.x.x.x vs 192.x.x.x . I seem to miss something here.^^

I also think, the subfolder conf for pihole is not correct because with the line resolver Iam getting Warnings:
WARNING Misconfigured DNS in /etc/resolv.conf: Two DNS servers are recommended, and any backup server WARNING Misconfigured DNS in /etc/resolv.conf: Primary DNS should be (found

Also mentioned at the beginning here: https://hub.docker.com/r/pihole/pihole/

The dns setting in pihole has nothing to do with the resolver in the proxy conf. The proxy uses that resolver (docker dns) to find the container by container name instead of ip