Letsencrypt using DuckDNS verification

Hi everyone,

I’ve spent almost all day attempting to get Letsencrypt working with Duckdns verification since my ISP blocks port 80 and 443. So far I’ve followed the guide on gethub, but haven’t been able to find where I post the DuckDSN api key. I created a variable, but got the same results. Log is below and I’ve attached unraid docker settings.

Log: https://pastebin.com/a1Zpp43R

  1. You put in duckdns.org as the domain, so you’re trying to validate ownership of duckdns.org, and obviously it is failing. You need to put in yoursubdomain.duckdns.org as it tells you in that screenshot.
  2. You need to add a new environment variable where the key is DUCKDNSTOKEN and the value is your token

makes sense. Thanks you!