Lidarr Container Update Request

Not sure the accepted way to make request for container updates, but hoping the Lidarr container can be updated to latest version of Lidarr. It is about 4 months behind.

It’s up to date. Check out the image tags available.

I think that is the latest version in the master branch which has not been updated in 11 months. The latest version I believe is which is in the develop branch and seems to be updated pretty regularly. Maybe I am not understanding tags and branches correctly though. I’ve tried both linuxserver/lidarr:preview and linuxserver/lidarr:latest and they are both version 0.7.1.####.

Where do you get that from?

The latest version of develop is

We check releases on this feed: and it shows as the latest with as the previous build.

Our latest preview tag contains and it’s only a matter of time before our jenkins trigger picks up, which was released within the last hour.

Switching from latest to preview seemed to have resolved the issue I was stuck on so I think I am good. Below are the tags I saw in Giuthub. Digging into them now, they seem to be 4 to 5 years stale though. Apparently higher numbers do not always mean newer version. :wink: Appreciate the help!

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