Linuxserver/nextcloud asking to create admin account again after several weeks

I have been using this on a raspberry pi for several weeks without issue, today i have logged gone to log into the dashbaord and its asking me to create an admin account, which I have already done when i first installed. The users folder seems to have just vanished, luckily no data has been lost!
can somebody point towards what logs I need to look in to find out whats happened please?

Unless you’re using USB storage and started nextcloud before your storage was mounted, I would say it’s best to ask nextcloud. I imagine the logs are in /config , but someone Else might have an exact path for you.

If it’s the USB thing, make sure drives are mounted before the docker service starts

Hmm thanks , yes i am using USB storage, interstingly enough I did reboot the pi earlier today for the first time since i installed nextcloud, although I don’t know how long the issue has been present.

it’s only an issue when it presents, so it’s been an issue since your reboot today :stuck_out_tongue: though the config that allowed the issue to exist has been there since you setup docker. you just need to tell systemd to have the docker service wait until mounting is complete. it’s pretty common for usb and remote mount users to encounter this

Ok thank you I will try and get back to you with an update soon