Linuxserver/organizr docker - Cannot create homepage tab

I’m unable to complete the initial configuration of Organizr; when i try and create the homepage tab I receive ‘Settings could not be saved’ message. I can add additional user accounts with no issue.

I’m running linuxserver/organizr on Raspberry Pi. A number of other containers run fine on the host.

Here is my docker run command.

docker run -d --name=organizr -e PUID=1000 -e PGID=1000 -e TZ=Europe/London -p 9983:80 -v /home/pi/config-organizr:/config --restart unless-stopped linuxserver/organizr

/home/pi/config-organizr is populate after starting the container.

Any idea?

Ah, I’m an idiot. I thought the details contained defaults…the grey text looked like the fields were already populated. oops