[linuxserver/rutorrent] Problem adding torrentfiles

Have problem adding *.torrent files from webgui. Most of them dont work, some does. Adding the same torrent from web-URL works like a charm.

In Chrome noting happens when I click “add file” (kicks me back to “no file chosen”). In iexplorer I get the following error-messsage:
“[06.06.2020 19:27:04] JS error: [ : 72] Access is denied. ”

Anyone have a clue what it could be?

Is it a freshly configured rutorrent, or an updated?
Is there any missing plugin error in the log tab?

Yes its the latest version! It’s not a big problem anymore, I learned about watched folder today, such a easy way to add over 1k of torrents.

First day on Synology/ruTorrent for me, coming from dLink/transmission. Such an upgrade, thanks anyhow

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