Linuxserver Transmission Synology NAS - not running on specified port

To begin with, I am a novice with docker containers. I have setup a linuxserver Deluge docker on my Synology NAS by following a tutorial, but I didn’t really understand everything I was doing.

Unable to find a similar tutorial for transmission, I fumbled with the settings but managed to setup a docker container for Transmission that seems to run on port 9091. The problem is that I set the port to be 9092, and I expected to find the UI interface at: mynasip:9092. But even though I have set the port to be 9092 (as seen here) I still can only find the interface when I use port 9091. When I setup the Deluge docker I was able to specify a custom port, so I thought I would be able to do it with Transmission. Is it possible to set a custom port for the web ui?

And a second question, on a related note, I tried this docker version because I heard the new interface was great, but when I do run it, it looks the same as the Synology Package version. I installed the latest version, so I was wondering if I am expecting too much or if maybe I have the wrong package.

Thank you.

it looks like you changes the internal port AND the external port which will make it not work. You need to have it as 9092 local port and 9091 container port. you dont change the container port, you only change the local port.

i can’t answer your questions regarding syno specific docker though, we have only one teammember using syno.