Linuxserver/wireshark is not showing bluetooth MAC addresses

I am using container image linuxserver/wireshark:2.4.5-1-ls88 for monitoring bluetooth traffic which is deployed on an intel nuc device (model NUC6CAYS) with Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS as host os with

  • (wifi/bluetooth) Network controller = Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168NGW [Stone Peak]

(FYI: I didn’t use more recent 3.4.9+ images as these images didn’t list bluetooth0 as one of the interfaces to monitor).

Bluetooth capture is working fine, the only problem is that it doesn’t list the mac addresses of the remote bluetooth device. It only specifies remote() without any extra details (like mac address) of this remote device as you can see below:

So is there a way that instead of showing remote()that it shows the actual bluetooth mac address ?