List of changes with each release? (letsencrypt/mariadb)


What is the best way for someone who’s not a developer, to follow the changes to a container with each release?

I tried the versions list on the GitHub page, but that says the latest release was on 17/06/2020, while the fleet page says the latest build was on 11/07/2020.

All I want to do is read the (breaking?) changes, or announcements that come with a new release. This way I’ll be better prepared before I upgrade the container.


You would have to check the commits on GitHub. We build automatically and when there is a OS package updated, it will be liste in the packages.txt and the commit will say Bot updating package versions.

You can also check the GitHub releases. If the description or the version number didn’t change since the last one, that means it was just a package or template update