Looking for some software suggestions to monitor my server system resources - especially SMART data

I’ve taken advantage of this quarantine situation to do some small hardware upgrades (Dell H200 and a new drive) and install Ubuntu Server in place of Win10. Next hardware upgrade, when the budget allows, is another drive for SnapRaid parity.

Using the a couple of internet guides, not least Perfect Media Server 2017, I have 18.04 LTS running with MergerFS and several apps in docker-compose.

I’m looking for suggestions on an app, be it a docker-compose container or something on the OS level that can give me info on System Resources - graphs of CPU, RAM, Network and Disk Usage (read/write performance and also free space) would be great, however my #1 priority is something that will monitor the SMART health of my drives and (ideally) notify me if something comes up. In terms of notifications I have no preference whether it’s an email or some sort of push notification to my phone.

Before moving to a headless setup I ran GSmartControl on all my drives and there’s nothing I’m worried about right now but running a SMART check from the console and reading the data off the output in PuTTy is a pain in the ass and one of the drives has 17k PowerOnHours so I want to monitor them.