Lots of python errors while starting homeassistant

Hi all.
Been using the linuxserver/homeassistant imagage for a while and I’m generally happy with it. I starting getting a bunch of errors recently during start up.

See log here https://termbin.com/35yr

Most of these have to do with
ImportError: cannot import name 'ExternallyManagedEnvironment' from 'pip._internal.exceptions'

It has been nothing more than an annoyance for me so as long as homeassistant works fine, I usually ignore this. The problem is that I’m trying to add the grocy integration which is failing because it wants to install pygrocy in the background and of course that fails.

I can confirm that dropping into the homeassistant container any pip install command produces this error about ExternallyManagedEnvironment.

I’m using the lscr.io/linuxserver/homeassistant:latest image on my docker-compose file.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Hard to say what happened because your venv pip is already in a broken state. Delete the folder /config/lsiopy and recreate the container without the integration. Then you can add it and see what heppens in the log. We would need to see full container logs along with the compose yaml or docker run.

Removing the venv seems to have done the trick.

Thank you!

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