issues/down, or only me?


I have a local ProjectQuay instance running at home to aggregate all of my container images locally (mainly because of dockerhub api limits). I mirror/sync images once per day. ProjectQuay uses skopeo to retrieve information from the registry.

Over a week ago, all of the hosted images have just stopped working.
skopeo inspect docker:// just times out.
skopeo inspect docker:// works just fine, however.

Did something change with the redirect, or is it possible that my automated mirroring has been blocked? I have a static IP and Tier2 ISP.

I’m just wondering if anybody else is seeing this kind of issue. I have changed all of my lscr images to use now and have no issues.

I believe the scarf guys indicated it was a caching issue on their side which has been fixed now. Feel free to try again at your convenience. (though there is no difference (when working) between linuxserver/, or