Lychee https support?

I’m setting up a Lychee server. Got it working on port 80, but https support seems missing or at least is broken. The nginx config file has no https section either, so my guess would be that it’s the image with a config issue. Can anyone confirm?

Thanks a lot!

We recommend reverse proxy for https. See here:

I understand that it is the recommend way, and I use a reverse proxy for my public facing services.
However, that doesn’t answer the question… can someone confirm that the (default) provided configuration has a broken HTTPS implementation?

Broken? No.

The image was designed to make lychee accessible via http over port 80

Then lets call it a feature request, since Lychee does support https according to
It would be nice to have https support in the image that linuxserver provides.

Lychee does not by itself support https. But you can enable https on the webserver that is serving lychee (in this case nginx).

The nginx site config is user customizable. Feel free to edit that and point to your certs.

We do not support enabling https in containers (apart from a few fringe cases like nextcloud) as we recommend reverse proxying. Btw, reverse proxy can be used for internal access as well (or only internal), not just public facing.