Mariadb container ssl

I’m trying to get SSL configured with MariaDB container but it’s simply not working. Created a custom .cnf file with the following settings:

ssl-cert = /certs/server-cert.pem
ssl-key = /certs/server-key.pem
ssl-ca = /certs/ca-cert.pem

However it doesn’t seem to pick it up assumingly as per the following message in the logs:

cp: not replacing '/config/custom.cnf'

[custom-init] No custom files found, skipping...

230703 15:03:43 mysqld_safe Logging to '/config/databases/d3f652d0266e.err'.

230703 15:03:43 mysqld_safe Starting mariadbd daemon with databases from /config/databases

[] done.

I placed the .cnf file under the /config directory.

If I try to simply edit the custom.cnf directory with the above settings, the container will not start.

I would appreciate some help on this.