MariaDB error not allowing Nextcloud to run

I’m running Nextcloud on Unraid and got an Internal Server Error.
I checked the MariaDB logs and found this:

UMASK must be a 3-digit mode with an additional leading 0 to indicate octal.
The first digit will be corrected to 6, the others may be 0, 2, 4, or 6.
cat: /var/run/mysqld/ No such file or directory
UMASK corrected from 022 to 0640 ...
230522 08:19:06 mysqld_safe Logging to '/config/databases/11c4eba6a4c8.err'.
230522 08:19:06 mysqld_safe Starting mariadbd daemon with databases from /config/databases
Caught SIGTERM signal!
UMASK corrected from 022 to 0640 ...
230522 08:19:07 mysqld_safe Logging to '/config/databases/11c4eba6a4c8.err'.
230522 08:19:07 mysqld_safe Starting mariadbd daemon with databases from /config/databases
Caught SIGTERM signal!
UMASK corrected from 022 to 0640 ...

That error continuously repeats itself. I’ve searched the forums and found a couple of similar errors, but the fixes for them didn’t work for me. I was just going to restore the database from a backup, but I realized that the CA backup plugin I was using isn’t actually backing up my MariaDB currently. Several months ago I moved the appdata for MariaDB and Nextcloud to a cache pool to speed up my nextcloud and the CA plugin is just backing up /mnt/user/appdata, not the new /mnt/cache/appdata

Any suggestions, or do I need to just need to start over from scratch? If I do have to start over, what’s the best way to rebuild?

Thanks in advance for any help.

what is in the .err file? Share your docker compose or docker run and the .err output.

if you have to start from scratch and have no database backups, then you just deploy the container and start over, you’d likely need to wipe nextcloud and start over (you don’t have to remove your /data, but you’ll lose the users and likely need to rescan)

Hello, thank you for your reply!
My ignorance is about to be on full display.
I am pretty unfamiliar with docker. I’m using Unraid and the MariaDB template. So I actually don’t know how to share my docker compose, docker run, or .err output. Any guidance on how to do that? I tried starting up the MariaDB container, connecting to the container console, and navigating to the /config/databases directory. But I don’t know how to display the output of the .err file at that point.

Having the same issue after updating some containers too - did you get this fixed?

You’ve probably been hit by the issues with the mariadb upgrade: Known Issue: MariaDB Check and Repair | Info ::

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I didn’t get it fixed. I ended up just recreating it.
I was wanting to change my storage pool for Nextcloud to ZFS anyway, so I went ahead and started over from scratch.

Thank you! Looks like that’s probably what it was. I didn’t get a chance to check and see because I’d already restarted from scratch. I used a Postgres database this time. So hopefully I won’t run into those issues anymore.

You can hit those issues on any database that isn’t properly maintained. We are glad you got it sorted though