Mariadb: start container with specific version


How can I start a mariadb-docker-container with this version?

“build_version”: “ version:- 110.4.11mariabionic-ls47 Build-date:- 2019-12-20T02:50:30+00:00”

I accidentaly started the container with latest and now it can not read my database (innodb) and I hope to get it work with the older version.


You can use the tag: version-110.4.21mariabionic and that will bring up that version.

* Server-Version: 10.5.12-MariaDB-log - MariaDB Server
* Protokoll-Version: 10

I do not know what I have done on detail, but now it works.
I believe I forgot to copy ibdata1, but I am not quite sure.