Mergerfs updates

Since the “The Perfect Media Server 2016” article shows at the top of a Google search for “mergerfs” I thought I’d drop in and mention that I’ve put out a few new major releases recently. Not sure if they warrant a new post but might be of interest.

  • Can cache more things: Linux 4.20+ can cache symlinks and readdir
  • Simplified file caching options
  • Linux 4.20+ allows for increased FUSE message sizes (and mergerfs will default to the largest value) which can lead to significant read and write performance increases
  • POSIX ACL supported in newer kernels
  • More standard handling of unlinked open files. Fixes random issues with software that uses opened but unlinked files.
  • more options are runtime controllable

I’ve a few features I’m considering but if anyone has any requests I’m interested in hearing them.