Migrating Deluge from a bare install


I’ve been running Deluge for years on a HP MicroServer N40L running Arch Linux, using the official package. I’m replacing this old server with a new Synology DS920+ on which I plan to run a few services as Docker containers, including Deluge.

I’d like to keep seeding the dozens of torrents I’ve been seeding for years.

I’ve rsync’d my home, which includes my .config/deluge folder, to /volume1/docker/deluge/config. And my /storage folder, where all my torrents files are stored, to /volume1/Backups/MicroServer/storage. I’ve read the LinuxServer’s Deluge documentation to set PUID, PGID, Timezone, and set binds to the config folder, a new /downloads, and another /storage mount point.

When I launch the container, I get a loop of this error message:
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘libtorrent::libtorrent_exception’
what(): invalid type requested from entry
Googling this error message didn’t help.

Do you have any suggestion? :slight_smile:

I don’t care so much about my (simple) config, but I do care about seeding all my torrents without adding them manually and loosing statistics!

we would need to see your container config and docker logs. Also ensure you obfuscate anything in your logs that would violate our no-piracy rule

Somehow I’ve managed to migrate, here’s how:

  1. I’ve transferred my torrent files (I mean the files, not the .torrent files) to a folder on my Synology NAS, and my ~/.config/deluge folder to another folder
  2. I’ve edited core.conf to adapt some pathes, and web.conf to (temporarily) remove options related to HTTPS
  3. I’ve started the Docker container with a bind to my edited config folder (/volume1/docker/deluge/config to /config), another bind to a new downloads folder, and most importantly yet another bind to my files folder, so that the path is the same inside the container than on my previous server (in that case: /volume1/Backups/MicroServer/storage to /storage)
  4. I’ve successfully started the container, with all torrents loaded, but all in error. I’ve had to force recheck all torrents, which took some time, but worked. Addition date has been kept, but not Last transfer, which I use to manage old torrents. Nevermind!

Hope this will help someone!

just keep in mind, what you described is the normal migration process of every torrent client regardless of whether you use docker or not. If you were simply moving to bare metal on another server, you would still do this same thing.

Of course.

Still, I think there are 2 lessons from my experience:

The fact you can add volumes to keep the same pathes on the container than on the bare install, which exempts you to manually re-set download folders for each of your seeding torrents.

The fact that even though torrents are all reporting “error”, you just have to force recheck them.

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