Migrating swag and access to old containers

Hi, I want to migrate swag (and some other containers) from my Unraid machine to a dedicated (more stable) one (using docker-compose).

Copying the config, adjusting portforwaring and such is not the issue, but I want to somehow avoid having to adjust many subdomain configs from $appname to unraid-ip:mappedport.

What are my options here? (And what do I need to look into ?)

  • set up a DNS server? (doesn’t help with the different port?)
  • dedicated IP for each container?
  • some orchestration tool to have both docker know each other’s containers?

Some things I have on my todo list and could be done (partially) before moving swag:

  • setup authelia
  • setup pihole/adguard
  • checkout traefik (instead of swag?)
  • look into docker swarm / k3s / raider & ansible