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I had a question, I want to have several containers of yours with minetest, each container should have different ports, so the question is, the only way to configure it is in the /config/ file. not?

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in compose, just put things like

      - 30000:30000/udp


      - 30002:30000/udp


      - 30004:30000/udp

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I am having the same issue - trying to host several minetest instances in my server.
Even though the proposed solution works, it publishes the wrong port to the server.minetest.net list.

Any idea how I can change this?

tried starting it with --port command or change the port in the config files, but didnt help.

Also filed an issue here: Cant change Port - always defaults to 30.000 · Issue #43 · linuxserver/docker-minetest · GitHub


I hadn’t even considered this, i will work on this tomorrow and have updated the gh issue with my thoughts to fix it (and what the root cause is)

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I’ve made some changes, you should be able to test by using the tag:
lspipepr/minetest:5.5.0-PR-44 in lieu of your current linuxserver/minetest

please try this out and specifically check that the advertised port is correct when published!
@KingBBQ @jgamer01

Thanks to @KingBBQ for testing. everything is working from testing, thanks for bringing this to my attention guys!

Allow advertised port to be set properly by drizuid · Pull Request #44 · linuxserver/docker-minetest (github.com)

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