Minetest configuration issue

I’ve trouble configuring the minetest game within the minetest container. My docker-compose-file is basically the same as in the readme:

version: "2.1"
    image: lscr.io/linuxserver/minetest:5.6.0
    container_name: minetest
      - PUID=1000
      - PGID=1000
      - TZ=Europe/Amsterdam
      - CLI_ARGS=--gameid minetest --port 30000
      - ./data:/config/.minetest
      - 30000:30000/udp
    restart: unless-stopped

After running the container, the data-directory gets created and filled with the application data and configuration.

When I stop the container and edit the file data/games/minetest/minetest.conf with the configuration of (my children’s) preference… the file get’s truncated (emptied) when the container is started.

Here’s the container output: $ docker-compose up Starting minetest ... doneAttaching to minetestminetes - Pastebin.com

There must be something I’m missing… What am I doing wrong?



Ah, found the issue. I’m not sure why, but if there’s no directory /config/.minetest/games/minimal in the container, the contents of /defaults/games is copied over to /config/.minetest/games/. This is done in /etc/cont-init.d/30-config.
This init-file should probably check for the the existence of the directory /config/.minetest/games/minetest instead of minimal.

The workaround for me is just creating an empty directory minimal in the games directory. Now, my config settings are not overwritten anymore.

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